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The Case Study

This research project’s central case study is the Carmichael Coal Mine, located in Queensland, Australia. This long-running and highly publicised case provided a rare opportunity to examine the views and interrelations of a number of stakeholder groups presented over a period of time. We used social media, news media, approvals documentation including public submissions, and stakeholder interviews as our key data sources. The research team thanks the participants for their generosity in participating and for the richness of their shared insights. 

The purpose of this project was to explore and understand the complexity of the political, social, and legal licences involved in contemporary mining in Australia. Our multi-perspectival analysis of the stakeholder socio-political landscape focused on the Carmichael Coal Mine as an empirical exemplar of complex stakeholder interactions. As such our research questions focused on understanding perceptions of why this case was highly publicised, what drove engagement of diverse stakeholders and their perceptions of other stakeholders, and most importantly, what might constitute as good mining.

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