The socio-political landscape of mining

This timeline demonstrates the complexity of the political, social, and legal licences involved in contemporary mining in Australia. Our analysis focused on the Carmichael Coal Mine as an example of complex stakeholder interactions.


The timeline maps key events and issues associated with the Carmichael Coal Mine, starting in 2004 and ending in 2021 when we concluded development of the timeline.

We constructed this timeline from a detailed analysis of public documents. This included 6,000 media articles published in Australian news media outlets at the national, state and regional levels, court cases (via the AustLii database), government information relating to the approvals process, media statements from Bravus (formerly Adani), and from organisations responding to the Market Forces boycott campaign.

As you explore the timeline, you will be able to click links to read more information about the selected events. Given many of the media articles used to inform the timeline are behind paywalls, many of the links are to publicly accessible articles such as those published by the ABC.

You can choose to explore the timeline by issue, type of licence or scale.

Note: the timeline is best viewed from a desktop and may not function properly on a mobile device.