PREDICT Principles of Good Mining



This first of its kind tool seeks to facilitate genuine multi-stakeholder interactions and development of a dynamic shared SLO to advance good mining. 

Developing The PREDICT Tool


PREDICT has emerged from the research project findings exploring the complexity of the political, social, and legal licences involved in contemporary mining in Australia.


The research team’s multi-perspectival analysis of the SLO socio-political landscape involved desktop review of publicly documented stakeholder views around a specific, highly debated mining operation, and over 40 in-depth interviews with participants from a range of involved stakeholder groups— including industry experts, central Queensland residents in mining-affected communities, government actors in areas related to mining, and environmental activists with a range of perspectives and scales of operation. Interviewee perspectives on stakeholder engagement and interaction, and what constitutes good mining, are synthesised to form the basis of PREDICT.


PREDICT principles synthesise and reflect the insights offered by the diversity of our experienced stakeholder research participants.



Insights from our research participants, articulated across the spectrum of stakeholder categories, emphasise the risks to SLO—including increased risk of delayed and contested approvals and loss of reputation and legitimacy—when the socio-political stakeholder landscape and interactions around a mining project are characterised by lack of authentic engagement, misinformation, fragmented debate, and pejorative stakeholder stereotypes. 


Conversely, participants emphasise the importance of seeking shared agendas, goals and values - as well as sharing problems and decision-making - among stakeholder groups, including mining companies, in achieving an authentic SLO and good mining: efficient, innovative, socially-accepted and co-created for greatest possible shared, public benefit.


Recognising and including a multitude of voices and perspectives makes for decisions that are beneficial for a broader cross-section of the community and can lead to a greater net positive impact. 



Review the explanation of each principle and answer honestly the subset of questions.  These predict what could or should be done to achieve a genuine SLO and creation of good mining.