Meet The Team

Using cultural and economic geography as a primary analytic, Robyn’s research is concerned with the investigation and theorisation of mobile/migrant labour (FIFO and au pairs), global production networks and CSR, new social movements, local community/ies, embodiments of rural change and senses of place. These concerns are explored through ongoing empirical work largely centred on the Australian mining industry. 

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Bree’s ongoing research seeks to provide rich insights into how organisations can address the complex task of managing their impacts on communities, society, and the environment. Her research is largely centred around the interrelated topics of social license to operate, social impact, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagement, and organisational communication.

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Amelia’s research focuses on identifying complex networks and more-than-human relationships that are shaped by and influence mine closure and Anthropocenic landscape planning. Her interdisciplinary research agenda investigates methods for understanding and communicating diverse stakeholder perspectives in relation to landscape changes, aiming to make visible multiple viewpoints within industrial landscapes and megaprojects.

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Left to right: Bree Hurst, Robyn Mayes, and Amelia Hine